Rotary Gives a Ham…

Do You?

Project’s purpose

To help SHARE Foodbank provide a festive meal for their clients we piloted Rotary Gives A Ham… Do You? foodraiser in the runup to Easter.

Thanks to our generous sponsors we put together a ham package that we sold to the public for $50. This consisted of a ham, pie, cranberry mustard sauce, chocolates and a bunch of daffodils (over $40 value). With each order purchased we were able to donate one ham (or a vegetarian option) for SHARE as well as the net remaining portion of the purchase price once expenses were accounted for.

The event was promoted through word-of-mouth, social media and a few well-placed posters throughout the community. This was a pilot project to test out the concept and logistics with the goal being that it could be repurposed for additional events throughout the year.

Project’s outcome

The project was a success! We were able to give SHARE 79 hams to distribute to families over the Easter weekend. We also provided them with a cheque for $1,800 which equals $4,500 in value since they have 2.5 times the buying power due to their scale and wholesaler connections.


The SHARE Food Bank provides direct food support to supplement the diets of hundreds of individuals and families each week in the Tri-Cities. We believe people should have access to healthy and nutritious food where they live and in a dignified manner.


We greatly appreciate all the products, time and resources our sponsors donated to this project. Without them, this would not have been possible. 

Gave us wholesale prices on all the hams

Donated 79 whole pies

Gave us wholesale prices on the jars of cranberry mustard sauce

Donated time & resources to do all our social media marketing for 4 weeks

Gave us refrigerated storage and loaned us the use of their refrigerated van

Waived the rental fee on the use of their parking lot