Port Moody RIBFEST offers a variety of options catering to all tastes and preferences. New for 2022, a site-wide liquor license means you can enjoy a beverage with your family anywhere within the park!

The RIBFEST park is being licensed as a whole this year, which brings a few changes. Now you can sit back and relax anywhere within the event and enjoy your beverage of
choice while enjoying the live music.

We will not have a dedicated bar seating area, however we will have a large tented seating area. Here you can sit down, get out of the sun, enjoy your beverage or eat your ribs. However, there won’t be rib running any longer. The only area with server food is in the VIP Zone.

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Boss Hog's BBQ

Boss Hog’s is based in London, Ontario and provides comprehensive food services for those that enjoy the best in authentic barbeque. They compete annually in Ribfests across the country with their three tractor-trailer stands. After winning more awards than any other barbeque company in the past few years, they’re considered to be the pride of the Canadian RibFest Tour.

With “Taste the Smokin’ Difference” being their team’s motto, it is their utmost goal to provide their patrons with the ultimate barbeque experience. Season after season they become even more successful through consistency, atmosphere and a customer service philosophy that is next-to-none.



Gator BBQ

For over 30 years Gator BBQ has been delivering mouth-watering chicken, pulled pork and ribs to the hungry crowds of Ribfests across North America. Touring Canada and the Northern United States, the Smith family of Port Dover continue to win countless awards and events with their signature southern BBQ cuisine.

Grizzly BBQ

After nine years of working for other ribbers, Oliver Briggs of Saanich started Grizzly BBQ in 2016. Having garnered the secrets of the trade from his decade of experience, he set up shop on Vancouver Island and Grizzly BBQ was born.

Prairie Smoke & Spice BBQ

Prairie Smoke & Spice BBQ is from Regina, Saskatchewan and is Canada’s winningest BBQ Team having  won 20 Grand Championships – more than any team in the country. Highlights include the 3-time win at the Jack Daniels World Championships (1st Place Chef’s Choice) in Lynchburg, Tennessee, and the Canadian National BBQ Championships. With well over 200 awards in professional barbecue, nobody brings more bragging rights to the picnic table.

Pit Crew BBQ

With 25 years experience as a professional BBQer, Pit Crew are joining us for the first time from the Maritimes. Having tavelled the country extensively serving BBQ, they are excited to be at Ribfest cooking for the best customers in Canada.

Rusty's BBQ


Rusty’s BBQ is based in Port Moody so Ribfest is part of his home turf. With multiple awards under his belt, including a win in the burger division at the Canadian Food Championships and a World Burger Barbecuing title in 2015. Rusty will be in the VIP Zone this year. 

Smoke & Bones

Smoke & Bones specializes in the art of Southern Style Barbecue, the real authentic, low and slow way of cooking food over wood fires and coal. They are located in North Vancouver, BC and service the entire Lower Mainland.

Vegetarian Vendors

Corn Hut

Organized by the Tri-Cities Rotaract Club and the Rotaract Club of the Fraser Valley, the Corn Hut offers freshly cooked corn on the cobb with butter, salt, and pepper options.

Drinks Vendors

Cabernet Sauvignon
& Sauvignon Blanc